The Aurovelo Basic 3 Day Cycle Mechanics Course

training courses closed temporarily

This course is generally aimed at the shop cycle mechanic that presently has some basic workshop skills but who has not yet been introduced or exposed to the dynamics of higher quality cycle builds. It would also cater for those who have started to work in this field and realize the importance of bringing their skill-set inline with the quality of the cycles and components they are handling.

The structure of the course is as below and will be interactive with hands-on involvement :

Day 1

  • Introduction to the working space and tools..........the do’s and don’ts.

  • General introduction to the mechanics of a cycle and the technical terms and language that will be utilized.

  • Introduction to the workings of the drive chain – This will teach how to visually and audibly check, adjust or replace all the components that go up to make the drive chain e.g. The bottom bracket bearing, front crank, the chain, rear cassette/sprocket, front derailleur, rear derailleur and gear shifters and cables.

Day 2

  • Introduction to wheels, tubes and tyres – how to change tyres and tubes for aluminum rimmed wheels and how to service and adjust wheel hub. A brief introduction to straightening an “off-true” wheel will also be offered.

  • Introduction to the braking system – how to visually check, adjust or repair, and replace elements within the cycle braking system. This level course will concentrate on all mechanical type brakes.

Day 3

  • Handlebar and Headset bearing – how to service, check or replace

  • “Out of the Box Building” – how to correctly assemble a cycle from the factory delivered box. A step by step guide to build the cycle, implement a technical and safety check up after completion and fine tuning to ensure a silent running cycle is given over to the shop front or customer.

  • “First service” this will cover all the checks and adjustments that would need to be carried out on the cycle when it is returned for its first service.

  • Diagnostic, action assessment and implementation for returned malfunctioning cycles.


3 days course fee : ₹12000 (lunch and snacks included)

An Aurovelo certificate of completion will be issued.